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© Josh Sager – December 2014

Over the last week, the NYPD has engaged in a “slowdown” in their enforcement of minor crimes—in effect, they are intentionally ignoring large numbers of minor and non-violent crimes. This slowdown is ostensibly a protest against Mayor De Blasio’s rhetoric in the aftermath of the murder of two NYPD officers but, given the NYPD’s history of conflict with all modern NYC majors, it is likely that this is just political posturing.


Since the slowdown began, total arrest numbers have decreased by 66% while non-violent drug arrests have decreased by 84% and minor misdemeanor citations/arrests have decreased by 94%. Additionally, according to anecdotal reports, incidences of stop and frisk searches have also decreased dramatically (exact numbers aren’t available because a lot of stops are not officially recorded).

The two ironies of this slowdown are obvious and amazing.

First, the NYPD has completely missed the…

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