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“No Indictment” – I Already Knew

It’s easy to say, after the fact, that I knew there would be no grand jury indictment against Darren Wilson, the white Missouri cop who killed New African/Black teenager Michael Brown in cold blood on August 9, 2014. But, truth be told, I did know it. And you’ll recognize how obvious the game was too, once I explain.

I recognized the game not just because the Amerikan criminal (in)justice and (selective) law enforcement systems work hand-in-hand against (not in favor of) people of color and the poor, but because of two major deviations from established grand jury procedure that were made by the St. Louis prosecuting attorney, Robert McCulloch, who was supposedly seeking the indictment against Wilson.

The red flags were the massive amount of “evidence” presented to the grand jury, but more specifically, that Wilson was allowed to testify before the grand jury…

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