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The following is an “Editorial” written by the publisher of La Prensa Hispana, Mr. Al Vasquez. I am putting it here in its entirety and then have a few comments to make by way of a letter to Mr. Vasquez. Try to keep from hurling.

This is a link to the whole newspaper and the, ahem, “editorial” http://issuu.com/laprensahispana/docs/laprensa19-25jun2015?e=13107691/13617960

La Prensa Hispana Noticias en Ingles y Español para Indio, Ca Publicado el 06182015

The Retreat of Conservative Thought

The recent uproar caused by Rachel Dolezal’s resignation from the leadership of the Seattle, Washington, NAACP because she was not really black is exemplary of how naive and befuddled America has become. As Americans we have fallen victims to historical narratives which are not only false, they are affecting the logic of otherwise intelligent people. Now would have been a perfect time to clarify historical facts, undo the falsehoods assigned to conservatives and place race and today’s race baiting by so called progressives under the spotlight.

Not one report on this entire issue has mentioned a white conservative by the name of Moorfield Storey, not one reporter has mentioned a white woman by the name of Mary White Ovington or Oswald Walling or Dr. Henry Mascowitz. They were all white conservatives who along with 53 other whites and 7 African Americans came together on February 12th, 1909 to found the NAACP. For those of you a little foggy on historical recollections, February 12th is Lincoln’s birthday. And; for those recalcitrant liberals who insist the date was coincidental, let me mention the fact the founding of the NAACP was announced in Springfield, Illinois where Lincoln is buried.

You can refuse to acknowledge Republicans led the charge for the NAACP and believe Democrats and the liberal party have always been in the lead for Black or minority inclusion into our society; but, keep in mind it was a Democrat who assassinated Lincoln because he freed the slaves and it was Democrats who stonewalled civil rights legislation for years until 1964 when Republicans were able to dominate the vote. It is not with glee and satisfaction I point this out, only with a sense of concern we are losing sight of reality and as a nation have totally succumbed to talking points and propaganda organized by the left. We no longer think for ourselves or delve into the facts. We are vulnerable to easy interpretations, corrupted explanations of the truth and have become accustomed to being channeled into splinter groups which identify us as voters and set us up for the connivance of political predators. Liberal politicians more so than others exploit blackness, exploit Latinos, exploit the poor, exploit feminine sentiments, exploit youth, exploit governmental handouts, exploit immigration and they will exploit your American sentiments to the point we are beginning to doubt ourselves and our capabilities. Our national leaders apologize for our past successes and intentionally pave the way for rogue nations to get an edge, to barge into the head of the line. Human rights, nuclear proliferation have no value when your principle objective is to demean and reduce America to 3rd world levels. Where is the logic in allowing Iran to acquire a nuclear bomb when they have adamantly voiced the fact their intent is to wipe us and Israel off the map. Where is the logic?

This entire fiasco with Rachel Dolezal’s resignation because she is not a real black woman is begging for us to revisit sanity and understand the very first National Executive Director of the NAACP, Moorfield Storey, was white. Why is it forbidden in today’s world for her to be white in a position of leadership for the NAACP? The stated objection is “she pretended to be black to gain acceptance”. In reality, according to her mother, she felt black since a child, she related to black culture, she wanted to look black, and she married into a black family.

Those who believe or studied past lives theory will quickly recognize the fact she was probably a black individual prior to rebirth and very similar to sexual orientation, her previous life imprinting was not totally erased with her rebirth.

As conservative minded individuals, we must remember, when we retreat, someone else writes the rules. We have historically retreated. It is our fault rules have been rewritten in someone else’s favor.


Dear Mr. Vasquez,

When I mentioned to some friends that I was going to write to you about some of your editorials, some who are acquainted with you told me not to bother. They said you were an arrogant asshole and a no good son of a bitch and I would be wasting my time.

I had to go for it though, if nothing else than to correct some of your statements. They were made out of either ignorance on your part or they are outright lies. I can’t tell just yet as I am still trying to figure you out. One thing I want to know is where did you learn to fabricate history?

Up above, you said: As Americans we have fallen victims to historical narratives which are not only false, they are affecting the logic of otherwise intelligent people. Now would have been a perfect time to clarify historical facts, undo the falsehoods assigned to conservatives and place race and today’s race baiting by so called progressives under the spotlight.

That’s all well and good but you immediately bend the historical narrative to suit your purpose. There is nothing about Mary White Ovington that was conservative nor were any of the other founders of the NAACP. She may have been a Republican (and thus a conservative?) in your dreams and fantasies but she was in fact, a socialist, having joined with them in 1905. She wrote for radical journals and newspapers such as, The Masses, New York Evening Post, and The Call. In fact, that’s where the group started, with The Call.

In 1908 she read an article by Mr. Walling, another known socialist, entitled “Race War in the North” in The Independent. Walling described a massive race riot directed at black residents in the hometown of Abraham Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois that led to seven deaths, 40 homes and 24 businesses destroyed, and 107 indictments against rioters. Walling ended the article by calling for a powerful body of citizens to come to the aid blacks. God, how embarrassing is that? Calling a Socialist a conservative Republican.

The only possible Republican among the names you mentioned might be Dr. Henry Mascowitz who was a civil servant and thus a possible recipient of patronage. And Moorfield Storey, the first president of the NAACP was a Mugwump which were a group of dissatisfied Republicans who bolted from the party to support Democrat Grover Cleveland for the presidency.

Also, it’s nice you know that February 9th 1909 was the hundredth anniversary of Lincoln’s birth and that Springfield, Illinois is where he was buried. Your civics teacher couldn’t throw that one past you. But you must have seen that part above about the massive race riot directed at Black residents in SPRINGFIELD that Walling wrote about that got the whole ball rolling. You did get that memo right, Al?

There was nothing conservative about any of the founders of the NAACP and nothing that shows that Conservative Republicans led the charge to set things right for Black Americans not that I am saying that Democrats had much to do with founding the NAACP either. So yeah, I refuse to believe Republicans led the charge to forming the NAACP because the evidence says otherwise; again, for the most part the founders were socialists and progressives.

You are so hot and bothered about the identities of Republicans and Democrats and how they each sit on the Liberal vs. Conservative spectrum and you’re hell bent on casting Democrats as the liberal spawn of Satan and to do that you are either a.) Willfully fabricating history or b.) Colossally ignorant.

Both are unethical things to do. Especially for a publisher who wants to be respected instead of being seen as a fool. You have a responsibility to your readers, Al. And if you are fabricating your history and your statements to fool Latinos into fearing the Democratic Party and seduce them into the Republican Party then you are no better than a Judas Goat, Al. I’ll give you a hint. It scrapes lower than all the pundits at Fox News and you have to look up to see the bellies of such snakes as Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and even Rush Limbaugh. I say that because you obviously look up to those assholes.

Do you know what a Judas Goat is Al? That’s the goat whose job is to keep the flock calm as he leads it to slaughter. Why are you trying to beguile the people into voting for the very party that abuses them and will continue to screw them over? So what makes you tick Al? Why do you act the fool trying to recruit new Republicans? I guess it’s about Occam’s razor which means we should once again, follow the money. (See Al? I can use big words too and try to also appear to be the smartest one in the room.)

You seem to have no idea about how to define Republicans and Democrats and the way they were historically so you paint both with a broad brush and ignore nuances in each and you do this from their beginnings to now. This is especially true since Republicans of today do not resemble the party of Lincoln in any way. Hell, they don’t even resemble the party of Reagan or even Goldwater.

Here’s the history as it should be taught. The Election of 1860 was really the second time out for the Republican Party on a national scale and their main objectives were to stop the expansion of slavery into the territories and modernize the economy and on the latter point they converted many free soil northern Democrats. They had almost no presence in the southern states.

The clouds of sectional war had lurked on the horizon and would have come sooner if not for a series of compromises at the various eleventh hours. By 1860 the Democrats were split along regional lines; so badly split that the party essentially ran three candidates for president giving Lincoln the White House on less than 40% of the popular vote. He still would have won in the Electoral College though, even if Democrats ran only one candidate.

Here’s something else for you to know Al; voter turnout for that election was 81.2% highest ever to that point.

Anyway, after the election and well into the hostilities the Democrats were of two factions up north. They were the War Democrats who supported the Union and the Peace Democrats who wanted out of the war even to the point of allowing the south to go her own way.

The Confederacy had no use for political parties at least for the duration and so there were none so when you say something like, “keep in mind it was a Democrat who assassinated Lincoln” people get stupider for having read such bullshit.

Al, I gotta ask you. When you write this stuff or read it over do you catch yourself blurting out, “Al Vasquez, you’re a goddamned liar?” Does that happen to you? Because it happens to me and that’s just what I yell out when I read your tripe.

Listen closely now. Even though John Wilkes Booth was of voting age by 1860 there is no indication that he voted for any Democrat or anybody ever. In fact, on November 6, 1860 he was nowhere near his home precinct in Maryland. He was in fact, in Philadelphia recovering from a self-inflicted gunshot to his thigh.

In the mid 1850’s he dabbled with the Know Nothing Party (Anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic and pro slavery) but if you have special knowledge that Booth was a Democrat you are the only one with that information, anywhere, so stop with the “assassinated by a Democrat” bullshit because  you’re scaring the children with your galactic stupidity.

I’m going to take a break and then come back dismantle the rest of your assertions…Okay, I feel better now. You know, reading your stuff; suffering the fool if you will, can sure be tiring but let’s soldier on to your assertion that Republicans championed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. First let’s go back to the 1870’s and the end of reconstruction when the southern states wrote acceptable constitutions to gain readmission as “loyal” states. Republicans virtually abandoned the region leaving Democrats able to pass poll taxes, intelligence tests and other barriers to the ballot box effectively disenfranchising the blacks and most poor whites in the region. But guess what, since Negros at the time gained citizenship while only gaining the vote for about a minute what happened was they were now counted as one whole person instead of 3/5 of a man when the Constitution was written. This gave the southern states a LOT more seats in the House of Representatives which they used to great advantage for a number of years.

Now we all know that the bill for the Civil Rights Act originated with President Kennedy who called for civil rights legislation in June 1963. We also know that it eventually passed in 1964 with the Senate voting 73-27 to pass it and the house gave 289 yeas to 126 nays. That’s about 70% of the House in favor. You say the Republicans championed the cause but if you look at how the votes were cast by region and even an idiot, Al, will realize that not a single southern Republican voted for the bill’s passage. Not one vote from a southern Republican. And if you look at only northern Democrats; 94% of the Dems in the House voted for passage and 98% of northern Democratic Senators voted yes.

There was a backlash that was seen in the presidential election of 1964 when Goldwater won the Deep South states…and Arizona. The southern Democrats jumped ship and became Republicans which that party used to great advantage ever since. The south acts like it’s still fighting the Civil War and Republicans are leading the charge especially now that we have a Black President.

So stop with trying to rewrite history to beguile innocents into the crazy, ignorant and, yes, evil the Republican clown car now represents. You’re on the wrong side of history Al, you’re on the wrong side of your people and you ought to know better. Shame on you.