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Blogger’s Note:  The first time I took one of these calls I was terrified.

I spent the better part of my thirties in a briar patch of debt.  I didn’t owe a lot, but I wasn’t making a lot, paid child support and owed a lot of different companies (mainly utilities) small amounts.  Then I went into default on my student loans which, if you’re not familiar with the caste system of credit, is less preferable than being declared “dead”.  I have since fought my way back to mediocre credit, but I still get calls from credit companies demanding money for debts I’ve challenged or paid off years ago.  I also have scammers calling me posing as creditors.

I’ve gotten over the fear after some research into how they work.  Now…(Answer call)

Me: Yes?

Dude: May I speak with Mr. Jason Smith, please?

Me: (immediately know where this is going)…

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